Friday, March 2, 2012

Little Girl's Room

For a little over a year now I have been slowly converting this room from nursery to little-big-girl room.  It really didn't have very far to go from one to the other as my style does not really lend itself to a very "babyish" nursery.  Let's just say there were no Winnie-the-Pooh decals to scrape off the walls.  The main thing we did was move the crib next door for little sis and replaced it with the big bed...which just so happened to be my childhood bed.  Thanks Mom and Dad for your foresight, preservation, and impeccable taste!  My sister found the spread and shams at Target.  The only other big addition has been the pink stove and sink.  Another item borrowed from my childhood.  Again shout out to the parents (Dad who crafted it years ago, and then restored it from the torment my sister and I put it through).  So, all this to say, my sister is going to help me put some finishing touches on the space.  Surprise (yes this is the first she has heard of this)!  My wish list is quite simple:

New curtains (I'm feeling orange or coral??)
Some wall art (old mixed with new, maybe some photos, H's art, silhouettes, etc)
And eventually a lamp (I almost burned the house down the other day with the current lamp, too soon to talk about it!)

So, here's where we are right now (probably should have taken some wide angle shots, but was too lazy to change the lens).  This photo gives a better idea of the layout.











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