Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Fun

Get it?  Cause our last name is Winter and we are currently in the winter season?!  Nevermind.  We are counting down the days til spring around here.  We've had lots of days where we have not set foot out of the door.  We just stay in and create messes memories.  Do you have any idea how many tiny-piece-of-toy items a one year old can pull out and toss around a room in any given ten minutes of time?  It is really kind of unbelievable.  And SO fun to clean up!  I feel a certain amount of guilt over sun-up to sun-down cartoon viewing, so here's what I've come up with as alternatives.  Other than playing outside, the longest any of these activities lasts is about 10 minutes.

We love these water color paint books.  Target usually carries them, but you have to dig.

Puzzle station entertained the little one for about 3 minutes.  Oh well.  It was worth a try.



Baking. Reading. Bubble baths during the middle of the day.  Valentine-making.  Fort-building.  Dancing to iTunes.  Cleaning the bathrooms with Mommy (so helpful).  Snacking.  Whining.  That about sums it up.

We were back outside today as soon as the mercury hit about 55.


Come on March!


leigh ann said...

I agree and am ready for some "beach sitting" weather!

The White Family said...

I so agree! Two little boys cooped up in a house all day results in what look like a tornado hit our everywhere! So ready for spring!


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