Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out, J.Crew

So my sister and I were venting about J.Crew's ever-soaring prices, and just who the heck do they think they are anyway?  And if the prices in the plain ol' J.Crew catalogue aren't shocking enough, now they have added Madewell to the ridiculousness.  Of course, I wouldn't be so bitter if I didn't actually like their clothes.  One of the items Sister and I mutually like (there are so many) is the Timex vintage field army watch for, brace yourself, $150.00.  That's for a Timex, people...you know takes a licking and all that jazz.  Anyway, good looking watch, though.  So guess what Sister found at Target!  You guessed it!  For a whopping $34.99.  And they have different color bands available as well (just like you-know-who).

Couldn't find it online at Target, but Walmart's got it for $32.00


leigh ann said...

Yay us!

Jennifer said...

I have been pinning for this watch for ... a while. good find!


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