Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweet Auburn Studio Goodies

A little plug for my sister's shop...

If you haven't checked it out lately, you really should.  She is always adding new, fun pieces.  And the good news is, she is way underpriced!  Her big cuff bracelets generally sell pretty quickly and are one of a kind.  So, if you see something you like I advise you jump on it.  Anyone else pretty much buy their own Christmas gifts and just get reimbursed (like gifts from grandparents).  I mean we go so far as to pick something out, purchase it, give it to the grands, get reimbursed, they wrap it, we open it Christmas morning.  Actually works out quite well for me, so no complaints here!   Maybe that's just my strange family. are a few new things she posted out there today.  {The first one is my favorite!}





The White Family said...

Love her jewelry! And, your Christmas shopping is the same as ours. I have already bought a bunch of clothes for the boys and sold them to my inlaws to give to them! I have also sent links to them for toys for the kids and asked them to order them. I will pick out clothes on black friday and buy them to sell to my MIL. It is rare if I have any surprises for Christmas, but I like it that way. I would rather pick out my own stuff and the stuff for my kids so that know I like it and I won't have to return it later! I'll have to check out Sweet Auburn Studio for some ideas!

Peggy said...

Just bought 3 things for Christmas gifts! :)


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