Monday, September 19, 2011

Babies in a Washtub

I had been meaning to take these pictures for a while.  Like when it was 97 degrees outside.  Last week I sorta panicked.  My denial about summer's end is coming to a forced close.  I filled the little tub with water and bubbles and stuck a hand in to confirm what I already knew.  It was SO cold.  The girls were already suited up and begging to get in.  I was profusely apologizing and telling them we would just take a quick picture and get out and towel off before the neighbors saw their blue lips and made phone calls.  I gingerly put each one in, bracing myself for the "I'm freezing" shrieks.  {See pictures below for their reaction}.  There were shrieks, but of pure, giddy joy.  Several dozen pictures and lots of "I'm not cold" squeals later, I made them get out.  Do children just not have functioning nerve endings?



Hmmm, black & white or color?  Here's both.




Wanting What I Have said...


leigh ann said...

Wow! These are great!

The Fab Four Zupan's said...

Oh my goodness your amazing and your children are beautiful!!

Amanda said...

Ahhh! Love them!


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