Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Morning Fix

My beloved Diet Coke has been, at least temporarily, replaced.  I love a good iced coffee or frappe, but they are so dang expensive.  I have tried to make them at home before, but never really been happy with the results.  About a month ago I gave PW's recipe a whirl and was thrilled!  It was so easy.  Her recipe says to filter with cheese clothe, but I just use a coffee filter.  Works great.  Add a splenda and some half and half.  Brilliant!  I've shaken things up a bit this week with my sister's recommendation of iced chai tea.  Delicious!!  Give them a try.  Oh, and it's a proven fact...beverages taste better in a mason jar!


1 comment:

whitney said...

yum! now i want some, right now. in a mason jar with a paper straw :)


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