Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fourth of July Beach Style

So my sister has moved to our vacation spot at the beach to take a new interior design job.  We crashed her place last week.  Pretty much had no expectations, but ended up having a wonderful time.  I think I told the husband about five times that taking the girls on a trip is not a vacation for me.  It is just a change of scenery.  If anything, being in a new and different place with a 1 and 3 yr. old just makes my job harder, being out of routine, etc.  The other option is to just sit at home.  I think having this mind set really helped me enjoy the time away.  Instead of being disappointed at the lack of relaxation and reading time on the beach, I really just opened my hand to whatever the day and moment brought.  Even if that meant sitting in my sister's apartment while baby took a 3 hour nap (sister at work, husband and big girl at the pool) and just enjoying some peace and quiet.  Some highlights of the week...

Watching baby eat sand encrusted Cheez-its.
Chicken Marsala at Angelina's
Being seated in the "bar" section at Red Bar. "You have a baby.  In a bar."
Chicken Panne and Manicotti at Red Bar split with Leigh dang good!
Dribble castles with the girls
Fireworks on the beach
Thomas' doughnuts (sour cream doughnuts. yes, please)
Sitting outside at Wild Olives enjoying a glass of wine and a burger.  Then, ice cream and theatre on the green.

(what does it mean that almost all of my favorite memories are food-related?)

And some pictures of the kiddos...











I am ready to go back!  Thank you sister (and poor kitty, Nemi) for letting us invade your home for the week.


Wanting What I Have said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!!!! And what a fun time away!

leigh ann said...

It was fun!! Come back anytime!

The White Family said...

Fun times! Your babies are so beautiful! And, I completely understand about the "change of scenery." Vacations are not so relaxing anymore...actually they are more work than just being home, but I choose to travel with the kids rather than just sit at home staring at each other! At least when we're traveling, we're staring at each other in fun places!


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