Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Fashion Trends (Small Child Edition)

So I have taken up sewing.  I am (about to be) the mother of two little the South.  It would be unethical not to make cute matchy things for them to wear.  Really though, my mom sewed for my sister and me, and it was a sweet part of our childhood.  I have deferred to her to sew for my children, which is a wonderful blessing.  But, I would like them to have a few things made by my hands.  My first little outfit is by no means perfect, but a good place to start.  {Pattern TAYLOR}


I plan to make a little top (birds) and bloomers (pink) out of this sweet fabric next {FRANNIE BABY}. Stay tuned.

Went to a children's consignment right down the street from our house today and got a steal. My $25.00 well-spent:


Feltman Brothers day gown and Paty sleeper (pictured above) for little sister.

Sweet two-piece with tags still on (msr $20.00).

Little raincoat for big sister.

Cute springy maternity wear for mama.

And for your viewing pleasure, please notice the bow in the hair. It was in for a total of 43 seconds and may never be witnessed in public.


Amanda said...

That outfit you made is precious!!! So impressed. I wish I knew how to sew. I guess I could learn from my mom too :) Where is this consignment store that you got such great stuff from? Harper looks so adorable with her bow! Do you know how to make bows too? I'm trying to learn.

Robyn Herring said...

LOVE the bow. It's a shame she won't wear it. The bubble is adorable and I was eyeing those same fabrics (birds and pink) at Thimbles the other day. Love it.

The White Family said...

i just took up sewing too! I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm determined to make some cute things! I love your consignment sale steals! I'm heading to one next week!

J said...

Lauren! I'm so glad you commented...I'd stumbled on your blog or photography site (?) late one night and never found my way back. So happy to see your precious little girl and to learn of baby girl #2!!! Congratulations!!! Your sewing is awesome! What a sweet little outfit! (I'm sewing this morning...second try at a pattern...unfortunately the crotch of the pants is rather large, putting the waist band right below Sister's armpits. I have some alterations to make. :) )

I can't wait to

Jason and Laura Brantley said...

i am so impressed with your sewing! i love the taylor pattern and frannie baby...i make those bloomers all the time!


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