Monday, January 30, 2012

Favorite Things {January}

Here are a few completely unrelated things that are doing it for me right now.  Just wanted to share the love.

1.  This daily planner print-out.  Find a complete explanation for how to use it here.  For some reason it works for me.  Keeps my day moving in a productive direction.

2. My Fitness Partner, specifically the iPhone app.  Basically like free Wight Watchers.  Really impressed with the food catalogue.  Wow!

3. Soma bras.  I haven't been breast feeding for 9 months now.  Let's just say things have changed and appropriate adjustments needed to be made.  Done.

4. The Bachelor.  I love it.  I just do.

5. The library.  Did y'all know that you can pick out books on all sorts of things.  For free.  Like books that are currently for sale at Barnes and Noble.  Kidding aside, I got a pile of large books last week and have been devouring them.  And it was a good assortment...history, travel, current events, fiction.  I can probably two-time these, read two different genres at a time.  Book reports to come.


6. Neutrogena hand cream.  The only thing that even pretends to work for dry skin.

7. Easy suppers.  Here are a couple from last week.  These are really self-explanatory, so I'll make it brief.

 BBQ Chicken Pizza
Store bought crust of your choice (I used Pillsbury)
BBQ sauce of your choice...use just like you would pizza sauce.
Cooked chicken (I just boiled some chicken shredded it and tossed it on)
Monterrey Jack cheese (M and I agreed that feta would be a good addition next time)
Thin sliced red onion
Cilantro (add after you cook your pizza)

Just cook according to your crust's directions.  Mix it up and add pineapple and ham instead of chicken.


Chicken Veggie Skewers
Again, the picture pretty much sums it up.  I marinated in Dale's over night.


Share the love and tell me what you are loving now!


leigh ann said...

here's a short list:

-my cowboy boots...I feel more legit around mexi's on jobsites.

-gin (no explanation needed)

-my couch25k app

Amanda said...

Love this! Can you do one of these posts once a month, please? I especially had to laugh about the bras...i can identify. One of my favorite things lately? That Biscoff spread you mentioned on fb. Seriously I could eat it with a spoon!


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