Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Mothering a New Baby

1. Taking care of a completely helpless human with very little personality is overwhelming and    exhausting (especially in the very early months).
2. There is no way to anticipate, prepare for, or understand the sacrifice you willingly and unreservedly make for this little person.  It must be experienced to be understood.
3.The above was especially shocking with the first baby.  The reality of not finding 30 seconds to brush my teeth combined with the guilt of not doing all those exercises (you know, the ones you MUST do if you ever want to see your abs again) the hospital sends home is quite perplexing to the chronically sleep deprived.
4.Nursing is quite an unnatural, painful undertaking.  I don't care what the LLL says.  They haven't met MY baby.  And neither has the author of Babywise or Happiest Baby for that matter.
5.Crying through severely painful feedings every 2.5 hours (me) around the clock in an effort to get baby on a schedule so maybe they will sleep 4 hours in a row sometime in the next three months and simultaneously trying to avoid engorgement and mastitis (fail) is enough to send any normally sane person over the edge.
6.Failing to take more pictures the second time around, knowing how quickly it really does go by should not be dwelled on.  Investing what little time you have in your other children (and yourself!) is infinitely more important.  Oh, and pictures/video with your iPhone totally count!
7.Allow grace.  There has never been a perfect mother.   There has never been a mother without a regret.
8.Sleep does come and nursing does end (always right about the time I really start enjoying it).
9.A new "normal" seems to emerge around the 12 month mark.  I am very sentimental and do not like change.  Learning to embrace it and remembering that my Father holds eternal pleasures in His right hand.  I don't have to cling so tightly to status quo.  Good things end, good things are to come. Forever.
10.My babies are His.  He is growing me through their raising.  He loves me.


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