Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank you and Farewell

We ventured to the ol' alma mater over the weekend to let the girls say hello and goodbye to the beloved Toomers oaks.  They are just trees to the rest of the world, but to those of us that love Auburn and have lived on those plains and have countless memories under those branches, they are more...they are memories of the good times, the best times.  The sadness isn't really for the trees themselves...but the dying of memories yet to be made.  All trees eventually die...and these trees are very old, indeed, and have not been in the best health in recent years.   So, along with thousands of others, we remembered and we said farewell.  To sharing a lemonade in their shade as a child.  To midnight rollings as a teenager...dodging flying industrial rolls of TP snagged from Haley Center.  To walking under their branches hand in hand with a new fiance dreaming of our future.  And, most sadly, farewell to the hope of our babies experiencing these same joys.

So thank you trees...faithful old friends, and farewell.



She was extremely sad about the trees : )




The White Family said...

Beautiful pictures and so well said about Toomers. I am sad that my boys will not get to enjoy Toomers the way Jeremy and I have enjoyed Toomers over the years. So many great memories! I hope to get the boys down there soon!

Amanda said...

Beautiful post, Lauren! These will be pictures to cherish in the future, I'm sure.


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