Friday, May 21, 2010

My Own Backyard

One of the perks of living in an older home is the nice size yard that comes with it.  It is definitely a trade off considering our A/C is leaking water into the basement floor as I type this.  Not to mention we lose our daddy every Saturday to grass cutting.  If our lot were being developed today I imagine there would be at least two more houses on it.  I guess 60 years ago people valued yards a bit more and stayed a bit closer to home.  Since we are expecting a new little person to join our family in the next three weeks we plan on sticking close to home and enjoying our green space this summer.  We've already started practicing.

Sunbathing on the deck.  Enhanced with Bob Marley on Pandora, lavender bubbles in the pool, and a fruity drink.  A little dog slobber is good for the skin too (NO NO Marley!!!).




Gardening with my daddy. Tomatoes. Herbs. Dirt. What fun!




Breathing deeply. Finding joy is in the simple things and the quiet times. And seriously check out their expressions in that last one.





Peggy said...

This pics are so great. That last one is so sweet, same expression for sure! I hope these last few weeks will go by quickly.
love to you all

J said...

Lavender bubbles...mmmmmm.

Sister says, "I love you."

Looks like you have a great summer in store!

Amanda said...

Oh, I love your nice, shady yard! I'll bring Emma over to jam with Harper to Bog Marley this summer.

Those pictures of Harper and Michael are precious! I love that girl's smile!


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