Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Favorite Things


I don't know how it works at your house (those of you with small children), but in order for me to accomplish a task, i.e. drying my hair, going to the bathroom, clipping a hangnail, I pretty much let my child do whatever she finds entertaining, short of sticking things in the electrical outlet.  Most days this mean pulling a plethora of items out of any number of bags, boxes, closets, etc.  This is especially helpful when I am cleaning/organizing/straightening in one room and she is destroying in another.  The other day her bag of choice was my makeup bag.  I usually try to keep this one out of reach.  It's the one bag that could really cause a huge mess, ruin clothing, break little mirrors into microscopic pieces all over the bathroom floor.  She had it unpacked before I realized what was happening.  Much to my shock, she was taking items out one at a time, studying them, and neatly placing them on the floor beside her.  I figured I needed to change out bags anyway, so she was actually helping me (see how I rationalized to avoid flusterization!).  Anyway, without further ado...a few of my favorite items at the moment.  We all need a break from Clinique, right?

This stuff is magic.  Brings some much needed life to my face, especially on these dreary days.

Another Benefit pick.  Great concealer, goes on smooth.

One of the hotels on our honeymoon had all these products (also love the Verbena line) before we had ever heard of them.  The Shea Butter smells so clean and delicious!

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in bronze.  Great mulit-tasker.

I am not a big perfume wearer, I mean every once in a while, yes.  But, generally more of a lotion with a hint of scent type of girl.  I am a big fan of The Thymes Collections.  The best is Fig Leaf and Cassis, but I think it's been discontinued.  I also love Kimono Rose...very springy.  

I'm always looking for new, fun things to try.  What are your favorites?


Amanda said...

I love benefit too! I really need to go makeup shopping, though. Right now I just pick up whatever I can find at the grocery store :) I loved seeing your favorites, that will give me some good ideas when I get out to do that one of these days!

The White Family said...

Great post! I love the picture of Harper...I know exactly what you long as Connor is not doing something seriously dangerous, he gets away with alot in the morning while I get ready! I love bare minerals makeup! It would be on my favorites list!

Robyn Herring said...

How about I'm just impressed that you find time and energy to put on makeup?! I do SO wish I had fun, good makeup like this to use on nights when I go on dates with my hubby though! I just have a hard time spending money on the fun stuff. I'm doing good to get my powder and mascara from clinique! Maybe I'll put some of this on my birthday wish list . . .


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